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6 Signs Your House Rising Causes Weight Loss

6 Signs Your House Rising Causes Weight Loss
In addition to work, you spend most of the time at home. Because the house should function as a comfortable resting place, but free from the lure of fast food on every corner or snack unhealthy fattening. But if your house is not set up properly, it will probably encourage bad habits.
One way to solve it? "" You can restructure your home environment to protect themselves from unhealthy food and lifestyle, '' said Sherry Pagoto, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Starting from your kitchen to the television set.

1. Drawers You are penuhPadahal you need to store a snack you'll enjoy occasionally. "" Bag of potato chips or candy in the open will encourage you to enjoy it immediately. Tables or in open spaces is not the right place snack store like that, better keep it in a drawer and open it only if you want to eat it occasionally at the end of the week, '' said Pagoto.
The fix: Clean the drawer regularly. Get rid of expired food and stuff you buy but do not like and will not eat.

2. Apples You are in the closet ESDI other hand, if healthy food is in secret, you tend not to eat. This applies especially to the fruits that do not need to be refrigerated (like apples or pears).
As a result, when you're busy, it will be quickly open a bag of chips on the table in front of your eyes rather than take the fruit in the refrigerator.
The fix: Buy a beautiful fruit bowl or basket, so you like to fill it. Put it on the table easy to see and reach.

3. You can not see where your exercise equipment "" A lot of people want to hide his sports equipment in temapt not seen by guests. But, if you hide it much too far, for example in the warehouse, so, it means the problem. As with any food, if you do not see it then you are not interested in using it, "" said Dr. Pagoto.
The fix: Place the dumbbells close to the sofa, so that you are reminded to use it while watching TV. Prepare exercise equipment like yoga mats in a room in the house that you use most often.

4. The light rooms are redupDalam International Journal of Endocrinology mentioned study, adults who sleep less exposed to dim light in the morning, have a concentration of leptin were lower.
Meanwhile, receiving sufficient UV light such as that emitted by the sun, have higher levels of leptin. The hormone leptin is a hormone that drives appetite.
The fix: When you wake up, open the windows and curtains wide open so the sunlight enter freely.

5. Your home too comfortable at night Harianda home, sweating, dinner, and sit comfortably on the sofa while watching TV. Then you sleepy before bedtime immediately after you eat, said Dr. Pagoto.
The fix: Uninstall first nightwear, replace with regular clothes, turn on the lights, and play music energized after dinner.
One study in PLoS One found that people who listen to music with the energy, be more active compared to the more relaxed listening to music.
With the energy generated music, maybe you are moved to go walk around for a while after dinner and this means burning more calories.

6. You've got too many televisiTerlalu much TV has long been associated with the risk of being overweight or obese. In addition, most of us watch the things we do not really see, as just a pastime.
The fix: You do not need to get rid of the TV completely. However, consider getting rid of the TV in the bedroom (the experts say to keep this area, just to make love and sleep) and also from the kitchen or dining room (watching TV can linger encourage you to snack).
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