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10 Type Fruit Diet Weight Loss

10 Type Fruit Diet Weight Loss
Fruit for the following diet can be a snack on an empty stomach and felt hungry. In addition to healthy, fruit can also help you lose weight.Fruits contain a range of nutrients and provide the energy needed by the body. In addition, fruits are rich in fiber can make you feel full longer, so it helps the diet.
Fruit For Diet
How To Lose Weight
Here are some types of fruit that you can enter into the diet to help you lose weight as quoted from vemale.1. strawberries
Strawberries are a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. You can add a strawberry smoothie and salad dishes.2. Apricot
Apricots are high in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, water, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. You can make apricot pie which was very tasty and contain many benefits for the body.3. Fruit Melon
Melon is a source of potassium which is good for the body, in addition to bananas. You can use them to mix smoothies and fruit salad.4. Mango
Mango is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals that help to improve brain function and the immune system, keep the digestive system and help fight cancer.5. Blueberry
Blueberries may help boost memory function, reduce inflammation, prevent urinary tract infections, reduce abdominal fat, and good for your eyes, as well as the repair of skin cells and hair.6. Cherries
Cherries can help increase energy, relieve pain, prevent muscle cramps, improve brain function, making a deep sleep and prevent cancer. In addition, cherries have anti-inflammatory properties of high and good for the digestive system, improve the function of the eyes, and liver.7. Rhubarb
Rhubarb is a source of vitamin C which helps to maintain the body's immune system to be more healthy. Due to the low sodium content and unsaturated fats, rhubarb can help prevent heart disease.8. Banana Diet
Of course you are not familiar with the morning banana diet or a diet of bananas. Bananas contain fiber that is high enough to make full longer. You can follow program guidelines banana diet for maximum results.9, Apples
In addition to bananas, apples also have a relatively high fiber content. So it is good to help the diet. In addition there are many more health benefits you can get from apples.10. Papaya Fruit
Papaya contains fiber, water, low-calorie and low-fat so that you can enter into the diet to help you lose weight. Papaya fruit also has many health benefits to the body.
Fruit Diet Can Thwart
Although some pieces of the above to lose weight, it also can disrupt the fruit diet program you do. Not a slim body is found, instead of weight increase. Here are some reasons why the fruit can increase the weight:1. Fruit Contains Sugar
Fruit with a sweet taste indicates that there is the content of carbohydrates or sugar. Simple carbohydrates such as fructose which is found in fruit can cause a spike in blood sugar levels if not controlled intake.Therefore, limit the consumption of sugar-containing fruit because calories will accumulate as fat if not used. Balance also with regular exercise to burn calories in the body.2. Timing Eating Fruits Unjustified
Although the fruit healthy and good for the body, but if eaten at the wrong time can actually derail a diet program. The most appropriate time to eat fruit is when the stomach is empty. If you eat fruit after a heavy meal, then you just have to accumulate calories in the body.3. Eat fruit servings Wrong With
Eating fruit with excessive portion can also mess diet. This is because the fruit also contains calories. For example one banana contains about 105 calories. So what if you eat a lot of fruits in the sheer number? Keep looking at the portion to limit the accumulation of calories in the body. Jual kopi

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