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Splashy, Meme Challenge Drinking Coffee Together Jessica

Splashy, Meme Challenge Drinking Coffee Together Jessica
 Jakarta police had formally set Jessica Kumala Wongso as a suspect in the death of Mirna Salihin Wayan.
Since the determination of the suspect, the figure is quite horrendous Jessica and now the bulanbulanan netizens on various social media. Indeed, not more opinions about the death of Mirna spread, but various pictures of alias meme pitched mockery and satire to Jessica Kumala Wongso.
However, despite the pitched sarcasm and ridicule, most of the pictures were made as a meme with different funny sentence.
Meme below @meilisajessica circulated through the Twitter account, in this meme dipampang two different photos of two women with the same name, one woman is Jessica Kumala Wongso and the other woman named Meilisa Jessica admitted.
In this funny memes, written challenge of coffee with Jessica with a choice of two women named Jessica.

The next funny meme Jessica Kumala Wongso display that had been spiked pitched hilarious writing, the written sentence meme Jessica willingly want to treat the origin of coffee with him.


And the following meme is a meme simple to use photo Jessica currently undergoing examination at Polda Metro Jaya Dirkrimum before it was declared a suspect. In this meme just spiked Ngopi yuuk sentence ...?
As known, Jessica was one person who was beside Wayan Mirna when 27-year old woman experienced symptoms of poisoning after drinking a cup of coffee at the Olivier Restaurant, Grand Indonesia Mall, Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Jessica is a friend Mirna since both are still samasama studying at a university in Australia. Allegedly, Mirna death for murder by sowing mode cyanide poison into his coffee cup. (One)
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